I am entrepreneur and sales & media professional. The majority of my career has been devoted to finance, media, sales & marketing.

I studied film and mass communication. In recent years, my primary professional interests are lifestyle media, business systems, AI, automation, personal finances, fashion & design and innovation. I am passionate about the future of entrepreneurship when artificial intelligence and cognitive automation will enable people to realize their full potential.

I am a husband and father of two and live in north London. I am a passionate runner and a lover of jazz.

I am member of the Global Investments Board in London at marcus evans Group. 

marcus evans Group delivers the ultimate meeting point for modern decision makers.
A strong dedication to providing strategic business information, combined with an unwavering focus on exclusivity, is what drives us to consistently deliver a competitive advantage to our clients.

Offering the comprehensive content of a dynamic program and the comfort of a luxurious five star venue, me Summits encourage industry thought leaders to learn from each others’ experiences and explore key solutions in the market.

The record of success established by marcus evans group is recognised in board rooms and corner offices across the globe. Modern business leaders rely on our annual meetings to discover solutions, share expertise and develop professionally.

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